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Eva is an impact advocate, futurist, chartered family office specialist, capitalist & investment manager servicing affluent families, corporations and institutional investors globally. Well connected with entrepreneurs, wealth creators and next generations who dream big. Eva is offering her clients the solutions contingent to their requirements.

After years growing in the Fortune 500 firms, Eva took a break and started a series of venture to support the industry stakeholders in a meaningful way. She gets to pass her time having dialogues with innovative futurists & compassionate buddies for supporting & investing in ideas and people that anchor her vision or contribute to a better world.

Passionate about governance, succession management and sustainable business, she actively nurtures the growth of family enterprises owned by Asian families. In facilitating club deals, she has particular interests in projects bringing results of climate changes mitigation, she is investing in disruptive technologies, young & dynamic companies, ESG or impact compliance projects. The Asian circle has described Eva as "The first lady in Asia dedicated in principal investment and well-structured in prepping up family offices and ultra wealthy."

Available for talks and co-investing, always happy to meet bright people with great ideas. She is a sun & fun loving person who drinks a lot of green tea, but never alcohol. She shares her home with 9 cats, admires religious life and adventurous travel exploring the nature. Just recently married, See their pics !

Contact via LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/evalaw/

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Business Consultancy, M&A and Corporate Finance

Family Office & Fiduciary Service Advisory. Coaching to Wealth Creators & Next Gen

Asset Management in Tech, Real Estate, ESG & Impact Projects

Club Deals, Principal Investment, Direct Investing