Associated Organizations

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Association of Family Offices in Asia is a professional society in Asia distinctively gathers single, multi and virtual family offices as well as the industry societies in the region. AFO offers a range of consultancy services and organize activities to facilitate collaboration and co-investment among the prestige circle.

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Association of Private Bankers in Greater China Region is the first professional society in Asia distinctively gathers and trains private bankers and specialists working in family offices, independent asset managers as well as boutique investment houses. APB offers professional training, organizes activities to foster knowledge exchange, promotes long term industry development, supports collaboration among practitioners and delivers professional services to wealth owners.


Asia Co-Investors Club is an organization where private investors who organize as partnerships. After the members study different investments, the relevant groups in ACIC decides to establish new venture, buy or sell securities and real assets based on a majority votes of the members. Club meetings are voluntary, thought provoking and educational. Each member may actively participate in making their investment decisions.

The Summit organizes a series of events :

The Family Office Solutions Showcase (FOSS) where it gathers family office key decision makers, practitioners, veterans and solutions providers exploring the latest trend and exchanging insightful ideas.

The Asia-Coinvestors Workshop (CIW) where we facilitate exploring dialogues with family offices, private and institutional investors for club deals

The Women Intellectual Dialogues (WID) where we engage women for inspiring discussion, provoking motivational thoughts & ideas that support their development

Better Me Better World Experimental Tour (BMBW) is an outing activity to discover ways contributing to ongoing self development, better world & brighter future.

Association of Family Offices in Asia, Association of Private Bankers in Greater China Region, Asia Co-Investors Club and Women In Leadership Association present awards to corporations & individuals. The futurist awards encourage futurists and gather positive forces in transforming better world. While the Family Offices and Industry Awards will aim to promote best practices and foster the development of this budding industry. The Family Offices and Outstanding Practitioners Awards set to celebrate the achievements of family offices, the UHNWI advisors and the industry practitioners.

Supporting Asia family-owned business through coaching, events, networking, representation, thought leadership, research and premier services. Offer personalized coaching and development programs for ultra wealthy families, individuals, women, next gen and family office executives.

WILA has a mission to accelerate progress for women through advocacy, professional development and events. It offers C-suite level women a platform to network in order to open their horizons, to get support and to identify opportunities and ideas that are not available in their social and professional environment.

CAG International has experts in fund raising, M&A, corporate development and transformation, private and co-investment, asset disposal and family offices related agenda. The groups worked with institutional investors, family offices and ultra affluence in wide range of development, investment and philanthropy projects.

CAG International has its operations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, China, Macau and Islands on Pacific Basic. CAG also has contact offices in Zurich, LA and London.